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Kaffe Electric Coffee Grinder – Stainless Steel – 3oz Capacity with Easy On/Off Button. Cleaning Brush Included!

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$29.99 $24.99

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Product Description

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The Kaffe electric blade coffee grinder provides a quick and efficient way to grind coffee beans or spices down to your desired preference for use with a french press coffee maker or coffee dripper sets. Grinding coffee beans immediately before use releases fragrant essential oils at the right moment to ensure maximum freshness, rich aroma for a full-bodied flavor and complex, satisfying coffee with the most delicious taste from the comfort of your own kitchen. If you choose to grind beans to store, this is one of the best coffee grinders for doing so due to its quiet operation you will never wake anyone up while grinding beans! We recommend grinding just enough beans for each use though, as this makes for the freshest coffee. This compact appliance is easy to clean: Simply wipe parts with a damp, soapy sponge. Use the included cleaning brush to clean the inside of the grinder and leave no mess! The dishwasher-safe lid can be washed on the top shelf of your dishwasher. An attractive brushed stainless steel finish adds elegance to your kitchen.

The perfect gift for him/her or any coffee lover as a wonderful kitchen accessory for those who love convenience at their fingertips.

FOR YOUR SAFETY: the grinder only operates once you’ve secured the lid!

kaffe, coffee, grinder

kaffe, coffee, grinder

grind, beans, spices, coffee, nuts, corn

grind, beans, spices, coffee, nuts, corn

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coffee, fresh

Quiet & Compact

This coffee bean and spice grinder has a capacity of up to 3 ounces of coffee Eans (70g) at a time, quickly delivering the correct amount of fresh coffee grounds to use in your brew or espresso. With its quiet operation, you surely don’t have to worry about waking anyone up to make a cup of your favorite coffee.

Multi-Purpose Grinder

Grind coffee beans, spices, corn, nuts, salt and pepper, or any other dried foods in just seconds! Easy to clean and store away with its included cleaning brush.

Fresh Coffee!

Featuring stainless steel blades, this electric blade grinder delivers coffee grounds to your preferred level of coarseness or fineness at the touch of an ON/OFF button. Thanks to a transparent lid, you can see the grinder at work and monitor your ground consistency.

Premium Coffee Products & Accessories

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Shop with peace of mind! We take pride in offering the best quality coffee products possible.

COMPACT countertop electric coffee grinder (3 oz capacity) quickly turns whole-bean into fresh grounded coffee right from your home or kitchen.
FRESH COFFEE! Grinds whole coffee beans to fine grounds in seconds for quality home brewing using a French press, coffee percolator or other drip coffee makers.
EASY TO USE on/off button positioned on safety lid: grinder won’t operate without cover. Transparent lid lets you monitor grinding.
MULTI-PURPOSE: Use it to grind nuts and spices or coffee beans. CLEANING BRUSH INCLUDED!
EXTENDED 2 YEAR WARRANTY: Covers any damage or defect. Money back guarantee!

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Kaffe Electric Coffee Grinder – Stainless Steel – 3oz Capacity with Easy On/Off Button. Cleaning Brush Included!

$29.99 $24.99

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